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Magnetshop: Supermagnetic aims to be the best!

A new project at Tape-Vision is like having a baby. Our baby ist supermagnetic and we as "parents" do perfectly know what our child is going to be. The vision was clear from the very beginning:

"The best magnetshop of the world"

Magnetshop für Supermagnete

This motto drives us since the start of our magnet shop. But what does this mean for conception and operations of supermagnetic.

We have operationalized this motto in 10 rules, for us owners and employees of supermagnetic:


  1. Enthusiasm for Magnets

    We love Magnets. Sounds strange but it is like that. Holding small strong neodymium magnets in hands we immediately noticed that we want to work with this fantastic innovative product and share it with you - our valued customers. We are informed about newest magnet trends and are involved in research and development. The most important: We are fans of neodymium magnets.

  2. Magnetshop with exceptional customer service

    There's one single thing that is more valuable for us than our supermagnets and that is you. With more than 25 years of professional experience Tape-Vision GmbH we perfectly know, that service decides on the succes of a company. Our lean business processes are customer focused and we excite our customers with our state of the art magnet online store and  creative Solutions.

  3. Best prices for magnets

    Let's be honest. We all do not want to pay more than necessary. Therefore, we calculate tough in our Magnet Online Shop. We buy in bulk and pass this benefit on to our customers. There is no minimum order quantities for magnets and shipping rates are extremely low . Our magnets should be cheaper than in any other magnet store.

  4. Everything in Stock

    Our entire neodymium magnet portfolio is in stock. Every magnet can be send on short notice without delay.

  5. Selected Suppliers

    Chosing the bst suppliers is a hard job. Most neodymium magnet wholesalers just chose the cheapest. Since magnets are a high tech product we cooperate closely with supplyers that are selected by automotive OEMs and  are certfied ISO2001. This ensures stable top quality of our supermagnets.

  6. Environmentally Friendly

    Frankly: Our magnets contain neodymium and mining neodymium is problematic for the environment. It took a while identifying suppliers that adhere to standards and are certified. In this online shop you can buy neodymium magnets with a quiwt conscence.

  7. Leadtime for magnets

    2 workingdays in Germany one week rest of Europe!

  8. Fair Payment

    Jobs at online portals are often associated with dumping wages.Not with us. We pay above standard wage for our comitted and creative employees. This makes excellent aervice.

  9. Partnership

    Good cooperations create win win constellations. Our magnetshop cooperates with CD Replication Company euroduplication.de.

  10. Growth

    With the poins set forth above growth is a natural result. Our magnetshop achieves 30% sales growth per annum. Thanks for your trust.